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Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

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What is Child and Adolescent Psychology?

Throughout a child's growth, they acquire various skills in emotional, motor, social, cognitive, and educational domains. Child and adolescent psychology study the functioning of human beings from the prenatal stage to adolescence, using objectives, tasks, and a strong therapeutic relationship.

Childhood, in particular, is extensively studied in psychology because the early years of life are characterized by countless rapid changes. Everyone around the child is eager to recognize and experience the new acquisitions that will become an integral part of their development. During this period, individuals build the foundation of their personality.

In adolescence, a "metamorphosis" occurs, bringing new experiences and uncertainties that can trigger many anxieties, self-esteem issues, emotional insecurities, difficulties in socialization, and decision-making (educational and professional future). This may result in hesitation and confusion for the adolescent.

Psychotherapy facilitates the child's or adolescent's understanding of their experiences while providing them with strategies to promote their mental health and meet their emotional needs in the here and now. Its effectiveness is well supported by research. Growing up with support is easier.

In What Situations Does It Intervene?

  • Childhood depression (sadness, apathy, aggression, isolation, decreased self-esteem)
  • Anxiety (excessive worries and responsibilities, school or social performance anxiety)
  • Impulse control problems (aggressiveness, impulsivity, substance use, eating disorders, body image issues)
  • Sexual development
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Grief and loss
  • Learning difficulties
  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Parental and/or significant family member conflicts, changes, and separations
  • Emotional regulation difficulties (volatile mood and extreme emotional sensitivity)


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