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We are an interdisciplinary team of psychologists and therapists

Psinove aims to innovate in the practice and presence of Psychology and Psychotherapy, both in-person and remotely. Here you can schedule an appointment with a psychologist or psychotherapist at our clinic in Lisbon, near El Corte Inglés and Marquês de Pombal, or an online consultation.

We address the real needs of mental health and contribute to people and organizations seeing the psychologist as a fundamental resource in their balance and productivity, and psychotherapy as a tool for physical and psychological well-being.

We also support Psychology students and Psychologists through practical training, clinical supervision, academic and professional internships. We have protocols with universities and with the Order of Psychologists.

The Psinove team


In-person and online

When seeking a psychologist or psychotherapist, it's important to know that distance is not a factor: we conduct in-person consultations daily at our clinic in Lisbon, and worldwide through the web

Art Psychotherapy Depression Anxiety Anorexia Binge Eating Bulimia Personality Disorders Borderline Personality Bipolar Disorder Child and Adolescent Depression Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Art Psychotherapy

The consultation for art therapy and art psychotherapy (the latter being more commonly used in individual therapy) proposes to the patient to express themselves using various artistic resources according to their therapeutic potential.


A depression is a mood disorder characterized by maladaptive, intense, prolonged sadness, and by the loss of pleasure and interest. It can manifest through irritability and physical symptoms without apparent medical cause.


Anxiety is a natural reaction, a mechanism of adaptation to the environment and survival when we anticipate situations of uncertainty or danger: the body and the brain trigger a mechanism of fight, flight, or blockage associated with anxiety.


Anorexia is a disorder of eating behavior that consists of voluntary refusal to maintain a healthy body weight; intense fear of gaining weight; distorted body image; disturbances in perception of one's own weight.

Binge Eating

The disorder of compulsive eating or binge eating is characterized by recurrent episodes of consuming excessive amounts of food, accompanied by a sense of lack of control to stop eating.


Bulimia manifests in recurrent episodes of compulsive eating, followed by feelings of guilt, distress, and methods of compensation - vomiting, abuse of laxatives/diuretics, enemas, fasting, or excessive physical exercise.

Personality Disorders

Consultation to intervene in personality disorders: paranoia, schizophrenia, narcissism, antisocial personality, borderline, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive, histrionic, or schizotypal, among others.

Borderline Personality

A borderline personality disorder is characterized by instability in relationships, self-image, and affect. It usually begins in adulthood, presenting difficulty in impulse control and in achieving goals.

Bipolar Disorder

A bipolar disorder, formerly called manic-depressive disorder, is a mood disorder characterized by mood swings: manic or hypomanic episodes, usually concomitant with depressive episodes.

Child and Adolescent Depression

A juvenile depression, similar to depression in adults, is characterized by maladaptive, intense, and prolonged sadness. The child lacks interest, displays irritability, and exhibits physical symptoms without apparent medical cause.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder ((OCD)) is characterized by the frequent and intense presence of obsessions and/or compulsions. The obsessive-compulsive cycle leads to the need to suppress or neutralize the obsession through a compulsion.

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