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What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is commonly sought when there is a disturbing situation that interferes with one's quality of life and daily functioning (anxiety, sadness, sleep disturbances, avoidance, lack of motivation, among others). In today's times, psychotherapy is increasingly recognized as an effective tool for physical and psychological well-being.

The psychotherapeutic process can also help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves and learn to approach their lives differently. Knowing who we are is fundamental to achieving personal, emotional, and relational success...

In this regard, psychotherapy adapts to the goals defined between the patient and the therapist, promoting specific cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes, personal development, and/or the reorganization of personality structure.

At Psinove, we aim for you to achieve concrete and lasting results through your psychotherapeutic process. That is our mission.

Clinical Training

Scientific updates in psychology are crucial for effective intervention in a field that is constantly evolving. Psinove offers practical, experiential, and specialized training for psychology students, psychologists, psychotherapists, and other healthcare professionals. Exercises, video analysis of real psychotherapy sessions, or recommended literature are some of the resources we have for you. Knowledge is also built through sharing.

Business Training

We see training in an organizational context as an added value for a company's growth if it is tailored to the client's needs and rigorously and practically implemented. We prepare specific solutions using our clinical and business experience, integrating the latest approaches related to human behavior.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision sessions are key to enhancing the personal and professional growth of therapists. These sessions may include case discussions, role-plays, or the presentation of therapy session videos. Our model is based on an integrative approach, complementing the work developed in various theoretical approaches by students and psychologists seeking our guidance. Following the most recent scientific and ethical guidelines, we facilitate dynamic and practical learning moments, focusing on the best ways to promote the well-being of your patients and your own well-being as a mental health professional. Supervision is offered in individual or group sessions, and it can also be conducted online.

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