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Companies and Organizations

There are three types of companies: companies that try to take their customers where they don't want to go, companies that listen to their customers and then respond to their needs, and companies that take their customers where they don't yet know they want to go.

Quadros Psinove


The importance of Psychology spans across various systems. Because the well-being of employees within a company - at various levels of hierarchy - is important to us, and because we know it is related to productivity levels, we have developed solutions tailored to their needs.

Investing in people facilitates productivity, builds trust between them and the company, and increases their motivation and job satisfaction.

We conceive training and interventions in an organizational context as a value-added service for a company's growth that adapts to the client's needs and is rigorously and practically implemented. We prepare specific solutions using our experience and academic updates, integrating the latest approaches related to human and organizational behavior.

What we do

  • Mindfulness for Organizations;
  • Practical on-the-job and off-the-job training in areas such as stress management and burnout prevention, coaching, task and time management, effective and tailored communication for the company's needs, promoting effective leadership, conflict management, or team-building;
  • Human resources consulting and optimization;
  • Psychological and performance assessment;
  • Psychotherapeutic support for employees;
  • Sensitization workshops;
  • Vocational guidance.

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