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Training and Clinical Supervision

Sala Psinove

Clinical Training

Whether you have regular practice in psychotherapy or are stepping back into the field to update your skills, clinical supervision is essential for effective intervention in a constantly evolving area. Psinove offers practical, experiential, and specialized training for psychology students, psychologists, and psychotherapists, as well as other healthcare professionals. Exercises, video analysis of real psychotherapy sessions, and recommended literature are some of the resources we have for you. Because knowledge is also built through sharing.

Clinical Supervision

We understand the importance of clinical supervision sessions in fostering the personal and professional growth of clinical psychologists. Our experience in supervising professional and academic internships has taught us that. Our approach includes case discussions, experiential exercises, recommended readings, role-plays, and the presentation of real-session interactions. Psinove's supervision model is also based on an integrative approach, complementing the work carried out in various theoretical approaches by the students and psychologists who seek our services.

You can participate in our supervision in the following formats:

  • In-Person (individual or group);
  • Online via Skype (e.g., for psychologists residing far from Lisbon or abroad).

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