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Parental Counseling

Aconselhamento parental Psinove

What is it?

This is a support strategy for parents and caregivers (and other relatives responsible for a child or adolescent's education) to consciously exercise their educational practices.

Raising a child is a challenge, and sometimes everything seems to be going well, but there are moments when doubts arise: What does my child need now? Is it appropriate to take what action in various life circumstances? Am I helping them grow with psychological balance?

Everyone prefers to have healthy relationships, parents, mothers, children, but communication between the parties is not always easy. When it is consistent, secure, firm, and affectionate, it clarifies rules and boundaries, promotes healthy relationships with oneself and others.

Parenting is a role of vital importance because of the responsibility of sowing seeds in the world that grow from what we are for them. Therefore, many develop through our speech, values, and actions, and it is important that we do it in a balanced way and according to the child's needs, step by step. Parental counseling can be extremely useful for families to feel more secure in their dynamics.

In what situations does it intervene?

Some situations that may warrant seeking parental counseling with the support of a clinical psychologist at Psinove:

  • How to deal with tantrums?
  • How to deal with nighttime fears and terrors?
  • What to do when a child has enuresis episodes?
  • When to put my child in their own room?
  • What is the appropriate age to start potty training?
  • What to do when a sibling arrives in the family?
  • What to do when my child starts closing their bedroom door when they didn't do that before?
  • My child has a boyfriend/girlfriend, and they want to stay over; what to do?
  • How to deal with the conflicts/disagreements that my child constantly has with the other parent?
  • So many hours on the computer, what should I do?

Who is the parental counseling session for?

Parents, mothers, and other relatives and caregivers responsible for the development of children and adolescents.


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