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Bruna Francisco - Clinical Psychologist for Adults in Lisb

Bruna Francisco

Clinical Psychologist for Adults

I consider that "clearing the lenses of perception", resignifying, transforming, and trusting are some of the essential ingredients in the psychotherapeutic space.

Professional Experience

  • Military Psychologist in the Portuguese Air Force: Operator at the Computerized Psychometrics Laboratory of the Air Force Psychology Center (CPSIFA).
  • Psychological assessment, selection, and recruitment (CPSIFA); Psychological support for students and workers (civilian and military) of the Air Force Military and Technical Training Center (CFMTFA), Trainer at CFMTFA and lecturer at the Military Polytechnic Unit (UPM).
  • Professional Internship at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon: Clinical psychology consultations, research, and writing self-help texts.
  • Academic Internship at Psinove: Clinical psychology consultations.

Educational Background

  • Integrated Master's Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (area of Cognitive-Behavioral and Integrative Psychotherapy) at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Lisbon.
  • Dual Post-University Advanced Specialization in Couples Therapy and Clinical Sexology by INSPSIC.
  • In Post-Graduation in Psychotherapy, in the Adults' field, of the Psychotherapy Training of the Portuguese Association of Behavioral, Cognitive, and Integrative Therapies (since 2023).
  • Advanced Course in Emergency Psychology (CAPE) by INEM.
  • Trainer certified by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP).
  • Trained in "Interprofessional Communication and Information Sharing - 37th edition", by OPP.
  • Trained in "Implementation of Psychology Services in SNS Health Units - 36th edition", by OPP.
  • Trained in "Health Literacy, The Role of the Psychologist - 32nd edition", by OPP.
  • Trained in "Intervention with Children and Youth at Risk - 35th edition", by OPP.
  • Trained in "Psychological Intervention in Alcohol-Related Problems - 32nd edition" by OPP.
  • Trained in "The Professional in the Scope of Palliative Care - 23rd edition", by OPP.
  • Participation in the "Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration - 35th Annual Conference".
  • Workshop in "Music Therapy", by PAR Association.
  • Full member of the Portuguese Psychologists\' Order (OPP) - Professional License No. 25251

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