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Cristiana Fauvelet - Clinical Psychologist for Adults in Lisb

Cristiana Fauvelet

Clinical Psychologist for Adults

In contact with people, I like to provide them with a safe space for listening and dialogue, where emotions can be expressed, free from judgments, and where care for the individuality of each being encourages access to more challenging places.

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Psychologist for Adults since 2020
  • Collaborator in community health projects (2015-2016), namely the Surf Salva Camp Project and Dream Kids, with the child and adolescent audience, in partnership with the Pensamento Vivo Association and Aventura Social Association, respectively.
  • Clinical Psychology Intern (professional - 2015 - 2016) with adults, at Aventura Social Association, in community service at the Faculdades de Motricidade Humana and Lusíada University of Lisbon.
  • Clinical Psychology Intern (academic - 2013 - 2014) with adolescents, at Santa Maria Hospital, in the Pediatrics Department, in the Adolescent Psychology Clinic and Pediatric Obesity Clinic.

Educational Background

  • Art Therapy / Psychotherapy (2021 - present), by the Portuguese Society of Art Therapy
  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology (2012 - 2014), by Lusíada University of Lisbon


  • Branquinho, C. Fauvelet, C. Cruz, J. Santos, T. Gaspar, T. & Matos, M. G.(2017). Dream Kids, Giving voice to children: the future has already begun, with social participation, autonomy, and responsibility. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology, 8, 2 (13 - 27).
  • Reis, M. Ramiro, L. Camacho, I. Tomé, G. Fauvelet, C. & Matos, M.G. (2017). Does having a pet make a difference? Highlights from the HBSC Portuguese study. European Journal of Developmental Psychology.
  • Matos, M. G. Santos, A. Fauvelet, C. Marta, F. Evangelista, E. Ferreira, J. Moita, M. Conibear, T. & Mattila, M. (2016). Surfing in promoting health and well-being in young people in care settings - evaluation of an intervention. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychology, 7, 1,2 (443-447).

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