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David Rosa - Clinical Psychologist for Adults / Psychotherapist in Lisb

David Rosa

Clinical Psychologist for Adults

Empathy, trust, and understanding are the pillars that guide me and will underpin our psychotherapeutic journey. I am resilient, so you can always count on me.

Professional Experience

  • Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist for adults and adolescents with 20 years of clinical experience, specializing in community mental health work with a particular interest in affective disorders (depression, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders (generalized, phobias, panic disorder), and personality disorders.
  • Proven experience in psychological assessment and leading psychotherapeutic and psychoeducational groups in the areas of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety and panic disorders.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Lisbon (Systemic focus).
  • Postgraduate degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling with adults from the Portuguese Association of Behavioral, Cognitive, and Integrative Therapies (APTCCI).
  • Certified trainer in the field of community intervention.
  • Full member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association (OPP) - Professional License No. 2448 - Advanced specialties in "Clinical Psychology", "Psychotherapy", and "Community Psychology".


  • Presentation at conferences, seminars, and clinical meetings.
  • Author and co-author of various publications in the field of mental health and community psychology.

Areas of intervention:

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